A selection of the articles, podcasts, and videos I’ve worked on over the years.


ALBA Alumni Spread the Word (in Virginia and Wisconsin)
Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives
The Volunteer, August 2022
More than 90 percent of the teachers who participate in ALBA’s teaching institutes report that they use ALBA’s materials in their work. Two testimonials from participants in our most recent five-week workshop.

Living Memorials: Reenacting Spanish Civil War in 2021
Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives
The Volunteer, March 2022
A growing number of dedicated living historians are choosing to portray the Spanish Civil War at public history events. Although they are as diverse as the Brigadistas they portray, they are united in their passion for history and desire to inspire people to learn more about the conflict.

How Do I Find Information About a Veteran Who Served During World War II?
Personal Research Project, June 2021
Discover the background of a service member who served in WWII.

Is it Safe to Drink From WWII Canteens?
Personal Research Project, May 2021
Do any of my WWI and WWII canteens contain unsafe levels of lead?

Combat Engineer Training, Living History Edition
Personal Research Project, April 2021
Learn about how WWII Combat Engineers trained, mine warfare, and how living historians train before teaching the public.

Reproducing the M5 Gas Mask
Personal Research Project, March 2021
Background of and an attempt to reproduce the M5 Gas Mask for the M7 Rubberized Assault Gas Mask Bag.

CC2 Gas Impregnation: What, Why, and How
Personal Research Project, March 2021
Background and test of apply gas impregnation to reproduction uniforms.

The Fates of the Fallen: The Men of the First Engineers Killed in Action 1942-1945
Personal Research Project, February 2021
I track down and discuss the fates of the 77 combat engineers of the First Engineers who died during World War II.

New to WW2 US GI Reenacting? Start Here!
Personal Research Project, February 2021
A primer on how to get into reenacting American soldiers in World War II.

How to Read a Uniform
Personal Research Project, December 2020
Learn how uniforms and a little research can tell the story of a soldier’s service record.

GI Glasses: Are Modern Reproductions Worth It?
Personal Research Project, December 2020
Where can WWII US GI reenactors buy accurate glasses? I take a look at a few options.

Hände Hoch!: Everything a Frontline Joe Needs to Know About Prisoners of War
Personal Research Project, January 2020
An analysis of how GIs took prisoners in WWII and how reenactors can safely represent these practices.

Smiley’s War
Personal Research Project
Glider Rider, November 2019
The Edge, November 2019
Reflections on my WWII Immersion trip to France in August 2019.

Boots, Bags, ‘n’ Belts in Holland
Personal Research Project
Glider Rider, May 2019
An article I wrote with Tim Utesch looking at what the glidermen of the 327th/401st Glider Infantry Regiments carried during Operation Market.

From Ottawa to Spain and Back Again: Canadians in the Spanish Civil War
Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives
The Volunteer, December 2013
A reflection on Canadians’ participation in the Spanish Civil War based in part with an interview I conducted with historian Michael Petrou.

 A Peculiar Fate: American Press Coverage of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade
Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives
Watt Essay Contest Winner, 2012
I examine how American newspaper coverage of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade during the Spanish Civil War reveals the domestic and foreign policy debates which arose in the late 1930s and continued into the late 1950s.


The Lived Experience of Combat Engineers in WWII
A recording of a Medal of Honor Heritage Center Living History lectures I gave about Combat Engineers in WWII.
If you’d like me to provide a free living history lecture to your class or organization, please sign up here.

The Smiley GI: Operation Torch 1942 – 1943
I talk about the lived experience of American Troops in North Africa from 1942-1943.

First Engineer Combat Battalion, 1943. Staged film demonstrating early WWII engineer tactics
An experimental video where I tried to create an “at the front” news short about combat engineers.


Note: I created these for my ASU class WWS 563: The Lived Experience of WWII

Identity and Oral History

Race and the Greatest Generation

Winter Warfare and Military Inefficiency

Americans All, Except for African Americans and Japanese Americans

Listening to Silences: Oral Histories of American Servicewomen in World War II

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