29th Ranger Battalion

The 29th Ranger Battalion never saw combat on a unit-wide level, but they still played an important role in the war. When the 29th Rangers were broken up in October 1943, the Army reassigned the Rangers to a variety of units, such as the 29th Infantry Division and the 101st Airborne Division, that would soon see heavy fighting in Normandy during Operation Overlord. As their new units had not yet seen action, these Rangers’ training provided extra leadership and expertise that likely saved many lives on D-Day and beyond.

During their training in Achnacarry, Scotland, the 29th Rangers wore Jacket, Enlisted Men (Lined) U.S.A., ETO (Type I), Suit, Working, One Piece, HBT, 1942, British ‘Cap Comforters,’ and Jump boots.

The 29th Rangers have a fascinating history, and I’d recommend checking out this Foxhole Fashion blog (which inspired this impression) or the section about them in Spearheading D-Day: American Special Units in Normandy by Jonathan Gawne.

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