In the living history world, an “impression” refers to someone’s collection of the period-correct clothing and equipment worn by a specific individual or group of people at a specific moment in history.

Trying to catch a couple hours sleep before your next watch in a muddy foxhole in February is not most people’s idea of a good time (and for good reason!). Whether you’re a veteran reenactor or are simply curious as to why someone would voluntarily put themselves into a simulated war zone, I have tried to write up something about a number of my impressions to explain what I’m representing, the research I put into each impression, and some takeaways—what did I learn putting this impression together, why this impression matters, or simply a discussion of what it might have been like for someone in history. When done properly, living history occupies a space between experimental archaeology, public education, and academic research.

This page is dedicated to all those who have guided my research, helped me find certain items, or taken the time to give me feedback to improve each impression.

World War I Era Impressions


Family Impressions

Recreating my family history decades later.

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