1st Engineers, Tunisia, 1943

As I’ve been crawling through the 1st Engineer Combat Battalion archives, I discovered that the combat engineers were issued with Trousers, Combat, Winter (aka “the tanker bib”) during the 1943 Tunisian Campaign. By all accounts, the campaign was frightfully cold, and soldiers tried to acquire everything they could find—overcoats, scarves, hats, long underwear—just to keep warm in the desert. In February 1943, they even experienced a snow storm!

Modeling the Tanker Bib. Also wearing Service shoes, wools, thermal GI undershirt, and jeep cap.
Engineer with tanker bib in North Africa.
From Ernie Pyle’s Here is Your War: Story of GI Joe.
Unclear unit, possibly 1st Infantry Division troops, wearing tanker bibs.

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